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Bexit, BREXIT and U.S.-U.K. Trade: A Better Perspective, Trade Agreements

With the current developments in the electro-industry today, the United Kingdom decided to proceed with its plan to depart its association with the European Union in March 2019 because of the electro-industry manufacturers. These companies might possibly wonder regarding the relevance of their business with its present association. Last 2017, the United States shipments worth for NEMA scope, ship its products to United Kingdom are currently valued with an estimation of 1 billion dollars. 

In line with this, the two countries’ officials convene into a meeting several times already for the past 2 years and a half. The most recent meeting happened early November. This is to prepare the countries for the possible negotiations regarding the trade agreement. So far, each of the government’s decision has to publish a recent guide for the online sales taking place in the counterpart country. Today, Washington and London are currently soliciting some additional ideas from the business, especially the small and medium-sized companies that are now interested in decreasing the trade barriers in the near-term. 

Regardless of this, during the present draft agreement for Britain’s exit from the EU (“Brexit”), this should serve as a boundary to keep the country inside the European Union’s customs union till the year 2021. This is to maintain the majority of the alignment with the Brussels’ trade policies. Excluding the independent meeting done by United Kingdom on any new trade deels. With the exception of trade agreement together with the EU on post 2021 relationship. 

The current United Kingdom’s Prime Minster Theresa May, approach is deemed to appear as if it reflects the main priorities of several businesses’ interest in the community. This places the largest current value that should be maintain the current open access for the British trade done with the largest customer market that will remain the 27 EU member states. 

Whilst the NEMA President was in London this early autumn together with CEO Kevin Cosgriff were conducting their visit in the UK, they also visited the counterparts of the British associations such as BEAMA and GAMBICA. They spearheaded the lead task force of this industry groups that currently advocates for the continued regulatory alignment that should happen in the United Kingdom together with EU post-Brexit. 

The BEAMA group effectively represents the business manufacturers of different electrical infrastructure of products and systems while the GAMBICA (its counterpart) do the covering of instrumentation, control, and automation of different laboratory technlogoies. These two organizations eagerly seeks to maximizing the benefits derived from the commercial growth of the “Brexit” but they are also concerned with the divergence of London from EU single market regulations. These regulations that are being currently based on the safety and environmental matters that could potentially open a loophone for the non-compliant products that were being delivered to the United Kingdom. 

With this in mind, NEMA did a collaboration with the previous BEAMA in the anti-counterfeiting efforts with the hopes that it will look forward to even wider cooperation with BEAMA and GAMBICA this 2019.