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Pure and Pressurization for Electrical Enclosures Defined

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Purge and pressurisation in electrical enclosures enables the companies to house an electrical equipment in hazardous or extreme environments. In line with this, before control units will powered up the electrical equipment, there are flushes of hazardous gas and dust. These are usually coming from the motor housing, cabinet, or […]

File Formats You Can Use When Customizing Enclosures

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Because of increasing demand for the customization, companies have now started to release their quick quote tool. This enables the customers to actually have a rough customization of the enclosure they want to purchase before they can talk to a customer representative. It comes with different features and filters and […]

What is the Importance of UL94 Flammability Ratings on Electronics Enclosure – How Can Customers Benefit?

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I guess because of our weather today; more people are now starting to have a really sensitive skin – including me. Because of this, we need to be really careful on what kind of products should we start using on our body and faces. People should be really keen on […]

How to Effectively Waterproof Your Enclosed Electronic Equipment

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During spring season, there are wild storms raging throughout the country during this season. In addition to the huge amounts of available rains, including the destructive tornadoes and damaging high-speed current winds. Also add to the list the quarter-size hails that has been constantly plaguing the plains and cities across […]

What are the New Style for Plastic Electronics Enclosure for Key-Fob Holders?

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I clearly remember the happiest times during my childhood days. There are those feelings that I vividly remember – especially during Christmas time. All the anticipation, the excitement and happy feeling. Of all the seasons in 1 year, I always anticipate Christmas. My excitement about the last season of the […]

5 Efficient Tips to Achieve Data Center’s Electricity Efficiency

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Through focusing on having efficient energy sources inside your data center, you can achieve the reduced operational costs. Determining how to effectively manage the different elements of the data center airflow system management as well as cooling management will empower you to determine how much energy was spent and not […]

What Power Solutions that Provides the High-Quality Power Source that has Surge Protection

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There are companies today that powers up several data centers with power strips and PDUs. There are also companies that carries power strips that has 15, 20, or 30 amps capacity. Our PDUs will also be able to effectively monitor the equipment and can provide a good surge protection. The largest selection of most high-quality racks mountable power strips and PDUs were effectively proven to be able to succeed in the most demanding missions. These missions exist in the critical server array.