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Category: Metal Enclosures

Polycarbonate for Wastewater Industry Applications

One of the leading company in control system integrators that manufacture of remote terminal or telemetry adopts polycarbonate enclosures with size 24x24x10 as its commonly used enclosure for water and wastewater industries.  This enclosure has enough space inside but more importantly, polycarbonate enclosures is more durable and more efficient that its other metal counterparts when […]

Which Type of Enclosure is Suitable for Outside Applications? Weatherproof vs. Waterproof

Whether its for engineering project or industrial use, choosing the right enclosure is very critical to the overall success of one project. However, it is important to know the conditions the enclosure will be exposed to have a better shot of success.  However, all installations that will require enclosures to be installed outdoors or be […]

The Top 8 Most Commonly Used Electrical Enclosures Part 1

For most people, it seems that enclosures are not considered vital at any processes. But enclosures are carefully engineered to protect electrical equipment in certain applications and processes. The industries that needed these enclosures are telecommunications, IT systems, water treatment plants and marine offshore companies.  Our time today is fast-changing, with the recent innovations and […]

IP Rating in electrical enclosures explained

It is beneficial to know what the protection of your electrical enclosure can give to your electrical equipment by being knowledgeable about IP ratings. So that you will know when and what types of enclosures you should use in any application.  The IP Rating (Ingress Protection) is widely used by companies or buyers in Europe countries to decide and specify […]