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Aside from the NEMA rated outdoor electronics enclosure, there are companies that produces enclosure that can also be used for several engineering projects. Below are the best examples of the enclosures that can be utilized to be of great contribution to the Alternative Energy field.

There are companies that designs, produces, and offer several handheld enclosures styles. These come in form of key fobs. Key fobs are a great way to protect the small remote control for end users. Key fobs allow the enclosure to be utilized in such a way that it can protect the user and the equipment form having a direct connection to each other. The solar panel that can be found on a roof can only take advantage by using the right type of electronics enclosure to protect the electronic equipment running the panel. However, the settings themselves can also be controlled from the ground using a device that is placed inside a handheld enclosure remote control device.

With the recent developments in enclosure technology, the plastic enclosure is starting to become more durable, can last longer and very dependable products. They are made by molding the design using high quality plastic materials. They are often mixed with cost-effective ABS plastic and materials that can last long in high temperature applications such as polycarbonate and Noryl®. There are companies who have just started producing plastic enclosures designed to withstand high temperatures and also natural elements.

There are also enclosure manufacturing companies that offers customization services to the customers. Especially for companies who offers plastic electronics enclosure. Do not be worried if the plastic enclosures cannot accommodate the customizations being done for steel enclosures. Connectors, wires, antennas and even vent can also be accommodated by machining them into the enclosure. And they can be placed on any type of enclosure surface regardless of the size.

In line with this, some of the manufacturing companies for enclosure utilizes CNC machines. Rather than doing a manual drilling using a drill bit, the machine can offer a more accurate machining for a more suitable finish. The machine can drill any hole size and they can accommodate the shape of the holes needed. This allows for a good number of unlimited options for customers who want customized enclosure to be used for any type of industry.

If your engineering project calls for a NEMA or IP rated enclosure, you can be assured that using a plastic enclosure made from a cost-effective ABS plastic can still be a perfect match for your needs. You don’t have to be worried about the high cost steel enclosures and consider using a plastic enclosure first.