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My father retired to Florida last year and he decided to not worry about having his boat winterizes because he is going to sell his boat in spring. However, the boat does not have proper protection for the freezing cold winter we currently had and this resulted to the engine of the boat to be block cracked. The damage would probably cost around $4,000 and $5,000 to entirely replace the boat engine in the equipment that he is planning to sell.

While discussing this dilemma with other boat owners at the marina, one boat couple owner also shared their own story of misfortune with the winter regarding their boats. Because of the freezing weather, they also have to replace the engines in their boat as well. The repair bill mounted up to $100,000. Because their boat is almost nearly 3 times the size of my father’s boat and this clearly explains the whooping repair amount for the boat. In contrast, his $5000 failed in comparison to the couples’ boat bill.

With this in mind, it really hurts and burn our pockets just to give money because of a repair needed, right?

In addition to this scenario, relative is a very interesting concept when it comes to electronic enclosures. As design engineers, this term is very familiar and known by engineers because they use this to design engineering projects. In working with design concepts, an engineer should think about the relationships between spatial relationships on a regular time. The engineer should be able to visualize a hole that is coming through the machine from one side of the enclosure in about the exact location where the cable will be allowed to run both through the enclosure. This also should attach the proper location of the board that takes special ability from the engineer.

Most of the time, an engineer can have a drawing of the engineering project from the board or the enclosure, but there’s no need to have the physical item on your hands. Just a board of the project is enough to visualize the measurements that will be needed in doing the project. From the two theoretical illustrations and drawings, the engineer should figure out on how they can be melded into one working physical unit. In this context, the relativity is imperative and needed in order to create special projects out of empty plastic containers and non-powered engineering project boards. You can approach any enclosure manufacturing company to help you with this concept.