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During spring season, there are wild storms raging throughout the country during this season. In addition to the huge amounts of available rains, including the destructive tornadoes and damaging high-speed current winds. Also add to the list the quarter-size hails that has been constantly plaguing the plains and cities across all nation. Not to mention the presence of some of the devastating hurricanes that are being currently predicted for the southern coastal regions.

With the presence of all these weather causing chaos, companies are now currently looking for different ways on how to protect the homes of American families.

Your electronics enclosures are very sensitive and it greatly needs protection from the harsh weather. As well as the potential ingress form solid objects. Several plastic enclosures currently offering varying degrees of electronics equipment protection from the harsh weather conditions. This is a good place to start when the user has started narrowing several options when the are looking for NEMA rated enclosures. The NEMA ratings of of 4, 4x, 12, and 13 can offer some level of waterproof protection and they have the greatest ability to give protection to some equipment from falling debri.

There are companies that manufacture and sells several types of series of electronics enclosure that can perfectly meet you desired specifications. Especially for NEMA ratings. While there are varied choices and style that you can choose from, if you only look for a specific size of the enclosure, you can ask the company for their series that deals with this kind of product.

For example, a certain company has WA, WC, and WP enclosure series that have almost the same size options but they offer different characteristics and functionality. These WA enclosures are being made and molded using an inexpensive ABS material. This enclosure is best for indoors and it can give dust protection. The WC and WP enclosure types are both made by being molded under high-temperature polycarbonate. It also has UV stabilization feature in case of exposure to direct sunlight and it can protect the enclosure from moisture and dust.