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In just a couple of months, I will now officially live in my current house for already 7 years. Except for the fact that my parent’s house – in which where I grew up – is the place where I have ever lived the longest. Just recently I had to replace the stove/oven combo that I purchased together with the house. I just knew that it was old but I really had no idea until a few months ago, a new model has arrived. This is the New Range product model.

To explain the product even further, it has heat and if you want to bake something with it, the oven became already hot in just a few minutes. And not 30 minutes either, it will only take for 5 minutes only. My old range was already doing fine for the first 6 ½ years. I even held a catering and a personal chef business running on the side from my recent home for just a few years. Just because it is very old, it does not mean that it was not going to be very useful.

But once the New Range product model has arrived, I have begun to already visualize just how many concessions I can possible make with this. It is like just letting the oven heat itself for half an hour before it becomes ready. It is just like heating the oven to over 382 degrees instead of the usual 350. Just because it has never really got to the 350 if you were not able to fudge it.

This is also the same with our website, during our previous site, it has worked really well. There was plenty of very useful information and other images. The ordering process was just a breeze. Any information that was not posted on the site, the customers will just simply call in to make a request.

But for now, with the new site, the product has arrived. With the days that you have to wait to take the time to call and ask for the product information was very limited. We have already got a very good response from the new product website. Personally, almost everyone has been very helpful and I want to thank them for their great help.

With this in mind, the super amazing part of ti all is that the new site has some features that everyone seems to dearly adore and love: the drawings are now already available online. One can already download the different drawings in their most useful file formats: 3D STEP files, 2D DWG or PDF.

If you don’t want to download the 3D files, it is not a problem! The new product website is very ready to set up so that you will be able to view, effectively manipulate or even hide the different sections of the other 3D or PDF file right in your browser. Even if you do not have to ever fill out a form, you can just give them your name and address.