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Back when I was still a child, my sister initially thought that it would be so much fun to have me on a crazy ride during kids fair called the the Salt and Pepper shakers. To explain briefly, there are two arms included in the ride. At the end of each arm there was an enclosed buggy that is designed to keep the rider locked inside. Now, the arms can rotate and can come from opposite directions. One the arm reaches the top of its rotation, the buggy and the subsequent rider will eventually turn upside down.

During this point, the ride operator really thought it was super funny that an 8 year old was totally scared to death and she is screaming at the top of her lungs shouting “blood murder!” This is because I have a terrible fear of heights. Because of this I am intrigued by the possibility that there are fields of study that determines if it is really nature or nurture that molds us who we are now.

Before the trip happened when I was just a kid, I did not have much exposure to heights to be honest. I was not a tree climber, nor I did not sneak from the house through the roof. Lest, I did not have enough experience to climb the ladders either. How come I developed such fear of heights when I had not been scared the way I am through the fair ride? Is it just my experience who triggered my mind to have this fear?

With this in mind, the Atlas Engineering’s product gently reminded me of this bad experience. Also basing on some of its field of use such as psychophysiology.

There is one product that reminded me of this experience, and this is The unique ATLASense™ AR7000 series. This is a semi-custom platform that can give you a fantastic rapid prototyping effortless solution to be able to satisfy the broad physiological and behavioral monitoring needs. The robust, high-performance workhorse can effectively deliver a diversified physical, physiological and behavioral human interfaces given the broad selection of the front-end sensors that comes with physiological modalities.

The international clients have already applied this product on their platforms for different broad field of uses. This includes the diagnostics, biometrics, telemedicine, psychophysiology, biological feedback therapy, covert polygraphy and coaching. In addition to this, the product is also widely available in different ranges of configurations that can be found on the Atlas’ engineering website. Just visit: www.atlas-arl.com