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Do you remember a time when you didn’t have to carry around a device everywhere you went? There’s a multitude of devices we carry around with us daily: mobile phone and iPod and MP3 player and GPS and Satellite radio receiver and keyless-entry remote for your car and handheld video game and laptop. OK. Breath. And all of these devices need some sort of power to work, batteries need to be recharged.

But, for these devices to effectively work for us, these devices should be recharged for us to be able to use them again.

But now, there is one product that we should talk about, it is the FZ01 by Fuzeblocks.com. This is already enough to be used in any 12V application. These devices are originally designed to be used for motorcycles. Whether you use a car, a boat, or even an RV, this product can be easily installed to be able to power almost everything you need to be recharged. These equipment can be an auxiliary lighting, GPS, radar detector, CB/FRS/GMRS radio, heated grips, XM radio, audio mixers, intercom systems.

And the endless list can go on and on as long as the device only requires less than 10A electricity requirement – this product can be your best solution.

One of the best amazing feature of the FZ-1 is that any of the accessories can have a direct access or it can have power switches by just simply putting the fuse on the right position to get the desired power. It has an installed relay system so that the installation can only have 3 wires and once the user is ready, they can connect up to 6 individually fused devices that can have a drawing with the total of 30A.

This product is the most versatile and best option solution available on the market because of its compact features. This product is featured in several publications such as Feb 2009 BMW MOA Owners News. Through this, the FZ-1 has received a very good outstanding results and positive feedback from the customers. To know more about this product, kindly visit http://fuzeblocks.com/. You can order directly from their website and all the installation guidelines are already made available including their Frequently Asked Questions and other beneficial and helpful tips. If you want your product to be featured in our blog, just give us a message and we will respond to you right away!