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File Formats You Can Use When Customizing Enclosures

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Because of increasing demand for the customization, companies have now started to release their quick quote tool. This enables the customers to actually have a rough customization of the enclosure they want to purchase before they can talk to a customer representative. It comes with different features and filters and this helps the companies to […]

What is the Importance of UL94 Flammability Ratings on Electronics Enclosure – How Can Customers Benefit?

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I guess because of our weather today; more people are now starting to have a really sensitive skin – including me. Because of this, we need to be really careful on what kind of products should we start using on our body and faces. People should be really keen on reading labels and look out […]

What is the New Style for Plastic Electronics Enclosure for Key-Fob Holders?

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I clearly remember the happiest times during my childhood days. There are those feelings that I vividly remember – especially during Christmas time. All the anticipation, the excitement and happy feeling. Of all the seasons in 1 year, I always anticipate Christmas. My excitement about the last season of the year will start when I […]

The Strength and Durability of the Nylon Material

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Throughout the years, the journey and the experience of exploring different kinds of plastic material has revealed several uses and the advantages it brought to several industries. Plastic material has been very useful to us and even across different industries. For this article, we will take a look on Nylon. Nylon has a very interesting […]

What are the ABS of Some Electronics Plastic Enclosures?

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Now, we will start our investigation and exploration of different plastic raw materials being used to make electronics enclosure. Which in case, the plastic with one of the more common forms of the plastic materials that are being used for electronics enclosure. One of which is the ABS plastic. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene […]