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How to Effectively Waterproof Your Enclosed Electronic Equipment

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During spring season, there are wild storms raging throughout the country during this season. In addition to the huge amounts of available rains, including the destructive tornadoes and damaging high-speed current winds. Also add to the list the quarter-size hails that has been constantly plaguing the plains and cities across all nation. Not to mention […]

What are the New Style for Plastic Electronics Enclosure for Key-Fob Holders?

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I clearly remember the happiest times during my childhood days. There are those feelings that I vividly remember – especially during Christmas time. All the anticipation, the excitement and happy feeling. Of all the seasons in 1 year, I always anticipate Christmas. My excitement about the last season of the year will start when I […]

Polycarbonate for Wastewater Industry Applications

One of the leading company in control system integrators that manufacture of remote terminal or telemetry adopts polycarbonate enclosures with size 24x24x10 as its commonly used enclosure for water and wastewater industries.  This enclosure has enough space inside but more importantly, polycarbonate enclosures is more durable and more efficient that its other metal counterparts when […]