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Now, we will start our investigation and exploration of different plastic raw materials being used to make electronics enclosure. Which in case, the plastic with one of the more common forms of the plastic materials that are being used for electronics enclosure. One of which is the ABS plastic. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and it is usually the most cost-efficient and the most economical option for different materials that are being used. This is also primarily because that the ABS is a strong, durable plastic material. Despite of the good qualities, this is relatively inexpensive and can be super easy to mold.

Let us take a look at its different components.

The main chemical used for this plastic is utilized as one of the base material that is being used for the man-made polymers such as the acrylic fibers, nylon, and synthetic rubber. It can have a wide range of colors that can vary from the clear to pale yellow. Also, the volatile liquid is a water-soluble material and it is one of the most common organic solvents available in the market today. The other uses of this material other than the plastic can include surface coatings, barrier resins, adhesives, and nitrile elastomers.

The other chemical in this material is the butadiene. It is a colorless gas that comes with a slight aroma. It can also easily react to other monomer molecules in order for them to create the 3D networks that are called as polymer chains. This process is also widely known as the polymerization. While this chemical is dissolved using alcohol and ether, it is very insoluble in water. The butadiene can also be found in these substances such as the rubber and nylon.

The last compound for the ABS plastic is styrene. This chemical is in liquid form when it is in room temperature and pressure. It is totally colorless, flammable, and toxic. However, this chemical is organic and it can naturally occur in very small quantities in different form of plants. Such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and also some meats. In industrial form, it can be produced in very large amounts of petroleum. This chemical is also is not very water-soluble even if it does not dissolve amongst many other organic liquids.

Together, these three compounds are also being combined and mixed in their proper ratios and it will result to a very solid plastic – the all we know ABS plastic. Most of the plastic enclsoures being available in the market is now being molded into ABS including the WA series. There is also an added flame retardant material that can help the plastic enclosure maintain the shape integrity of the electronics enclosure.

This material can be very sturdy and durable. It can also withstand high temperatures over 157 degrees in Fahrenheit. So that you will know that it can protect your board and other electronics.