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Just recently, there was a company who was having troubles with their phone lines. For just a couple of days the line went to a faint echo. Then suddenly, one can hear a quiet static that is barely noticeable. The static just continued to get louder each and every time until the user can hear the person speaking on the other end of the line. It was totally horrible! The company called out the service provider. It turns out that this interference was caused by the heavy rain last month. However, there are number of reasons that can cause interference to totally disrupt the landline connections.

However, there was one company that offers a viable solution! The K-Y Filters!

This product is an art two stage telephone filters that acts as a stopper of the HF radio interference and it prevents the landlines from disconnecting from the modems causing the jamming of the telephones. It is guaranteed that in order to attenuate the RF better compared to any other inexpensive plug-in available on the market, each of the filter is carefully terminated using a modular plug and it can easily work on all dial-up modems. This includes the single line (2 wires) telephones. What’s best about them is that they are super easy to install:

  1. First, unplug the telephone line
  2. Have the filter plugged-in
  3. After which, plug the phone line unto the filter

After installing, the user can now use the modem and the landline even amidst the presence of very high HF and RF fields. There is a quality of range filters available online to be used for the telephone interference that can be bought at very affordable prices. The modem filters including the telephone filters, HF super filters also allows the am super filters, is now readily available in California now online. The nickel-zinc ferrite choke, plug-in, as well as the modem RF filters are very convenient, cheap to use, and they are extremely effective to be used on all dial-up modems and landlines.

To learn more about these products, you can directly purchase them online: http://www.ky-filters.com. You can also read the users’ testimonies regarding the product and the exceptional customer service you will receive.

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