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In other manufacturing companies, they offer a lot more options that the metal enclosures. They also support the campaigns for having a greener and safer environment endeavors such as conservation and community outreach programs. They partner with the Non-government offices in pursuing this endeavor.

There was a team of college students who asked an enclosure manufacturing companies about their series of formulation for their hybrid project. The company happily obliged. The company also sent samples of the formulation project to a certain college in the USA and this company helped the student in developing their first hybrid car that can potentially win the Formula Hybrid Competition.

The body of students from this university has also taken the initiative to have a very advanced goal: that is to not only they will build a Hybrid gas/electric car that year, but they will also be able to use the chassis that they have designed to come up with alternative power source. Such as fuel cell. The team of students planned to design and build their first hybrid vehicle that can switch its power source while running. Most of the vehicles today are running on gasoline because of certain economic conditions. However, once this technology is applied to vehicles, it can easily switch from gasoline to possibly fuel cell.

The formulation for this hybrid challenge is primarily designed and built for the engineering competition open for the college level students. The main focus of this competition is to spark innovation among engineering students. Geared towards having a more sustainable fuel efficiency, and can range also to having high-performance applications of the energy to formula SAE program. The team of students who approached this company should be able to design and build an open wheel plug-in hybrid racecar. And also they should compete against other teams. The competition will be held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in London, NH on May 3-6. Best of luck to all 40 teams.

In conclusion to this, it is great to see that companies are also into encouraging the young generation to be part of the new engineering innovations geared towards having a more conclusive and holistic source of energy. With the worsening problems of our nature today, this dilemma calls for more people to be concerned about the source of our renewable energy and how we can help the next generation.