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There are different companies that are now offering different types of material for their outdoor enclosure needs. Each of the enclosures have their own set of distinguished and unique capabilities and strengths. It is also up to the companies to decide which application would fit their desired enclosure best. In this article, we will discuss the different materials for enclosure which will suit best for your needs.

Polycarbonate material

This type of material for electronics enclosure is a very good choice for all outdoor network enclosure applications. This material is very well tested for its ability to flexibility and capability to be molded in different styles. Its quality for being highly resistant in corrosion became very desirable because it also comes with resistance to dents like stainless steel. However, it can be very vulnerable to scratches, as well as exposure to solvents and other chemicals. Unlike the enclosures which is made from steels, that has the capability to interfere with other WiFi signals and radio waves, this material can cause minimal interference.

Stainless Steel

This is one of the most popular classic material for rugged looking enclosures. This steel has the reputation for a very good reason. Stainless steel electrical box is incredibly tough and resistant to almost all kinds of chemical and environmental hazards that includes corrosion, temperature swings, and all the common solvents. Stainless steel is also being prized for its very sleek, and very appearing appearance. However, because of its great qualities, this enclosure is very pricey compared to its other counterparts.

Powder Coated Steel

If you are looking for other enclosure material alternatives, this one of the perfect match for you. If stainless steel is too expensive for you, you can consider this option. There’s powder coated steel that also have high-performance qualities like a stainless steel. In a general sense, it is less resistant to corrosion compared to stainless steel. However, its corrosion resistant property can be greatly improved through the finishing process. It commonly offers durability of stainless steel at a more affordable rate.

Some Outdoor Enclosure Accessory Options

There are also companies that offers wide selection of accessory for your electronics enclosure that can surely meet your needs.

Pole mount kits that can be easily attached when installing enclosure

Internal mounting panels for equipment that will be installed inside the enclosure

DIN rail kits for installing devices internal to the equipment rack.

Flange mounting kits

Cable glands and seals