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What is the Importance of UL94 Flammability Ratings on Electronics Enclosure – How Can Customers Benefit?

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I guess because of our weather today; more people are now starting to have a really sensitive skin – including me. Because of this, we need to be really careful on what kind of products should we start using on our body and faces. People should be really keen on reading labels and look out for the descriptions that will benefit them – such as oil-free based moisturizer or hypoallergenic labels. This is to make sure that people will get the best skin care treatment for their overly sensitive skin.

In lieu of this, the companies are now starting to give the flame rating descriptions on their product labels to make sure that everything they manufacture – from electronics enclosure to accessories – are safe for the consumer’s utilization. Also this is to build confidence with the customers that their products are safe for their intended application.

In discussing different flame rating applications, there is one generic safety standard and is now very popular in the world of production of plastic materials used by the companies. Different tests are conducted and tested to be able to effectively measure some of the flammability characteristics of the enclosure. This also helps to effectively determine the different materials propensity of the plastic if they can extinguish or scatter the flame if it is subjected to fire.

With this in mind, there are 6 different classifications we should keep in mind when we are specifically relating to some of the plastic enclosures. For example, the enclosures that has classification of 5VA or 5VB has been subjected to different flame tests coming from different sources 5x more than what is recommended. Comparing to V-0, V-1, V-2 and H-B flame tests, this one is considered to be the most flame retardant because of the process.

To guide the customer effectively about the different flame ratings, look at the table summary below:

5VA         Does not explode when subjected to flame, does not create a hole, has the highest UL94 rating

5VB         Does not explode when subjected to flame, might have a hole

V-0           Be able to self-extinguish within 60 seconds, no recorded flaming drips

V-1           Be able to self-extinguish within 60 seconds, no recorded flaming drips

V-2           Be able to self-extinguish within 60 seconds, there’s a possibility of flaming drips

H-B          Has slow burn rate compare to the rest, takes 3 minutes to burn 4 inches of plastic, has the UL94 rating Companies now are manufacturing plastic enclosures with these type of flame ratings. Some of them has the best plastic enclosure line. You can search online for different company suggestion. If you are looking for a specific enclosure, do not hesitate to contact the company you are trying to reach for the enclosures.