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Power Solutions, Power Source, Surge Protection

There are companies today that powers up several data centers with power strips and PDUs. There are also companies that carries power strips that has 15, 20, or 30 amps capacity. Our PDUs will also be able to effectively monitor the equipment and can provide a good surge protection. The largest selection of most high-quality racks mountable power strips and PDUs were effectively proven to be able to succeed in the most demanding missions. These missions exist in the critical server array.

What are the Surge and Non-Surge Protected Power Strips?

For information about power strips, they come in two basic main types: there are non-surge protected and surge protected. If you also want to be able to plug the strip into a UPS, the engineer should select a non-surge protected power strip. UPS will be able to give the surge protection that you need.

It is also crucial for engineers to note that it can be even dangerous to plug a power strip that is surge protected into a UPS. If an engineer will plug the power strip on the wall, then they should utilize a surge-protected strip. If you are curious about UPS systems, you can easily search for Google for information.

Rack Mounted or Vertical Power Strips

There are two possible orientations for power strips: horizontal (rack mounted) or vertical power strips. These are chosen just basing on preference. But usually, the users or customers of these products prefer vertical strips to be used for the taller cabinets. This also allows them to have easy access to the receptacles.

In addition to this, for the horizontal rack power strips, there are even more options that are included such as the pilot light, digital ammeter, and the surge protection. Generally, some of the basic power strips has 15 amps or 20 amps. In line with this, the vertical power strips can also be mounted on the rack just by using a simple clip.

Functions of PDUs (Power Distribution Units)

Even if there are engineers that uses the terms power strips and PDUs interchangeably, the latter basically refers to a power strip that has an additional functionality. Although, there are basic PDUs that exists. In some of the additional functions also include the local or remote monitoring, as well as efficient remote management within the power strip. There are time that it is effective even down to the outlet level.