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There evident continuous business opportunities in the mining industry today, several manufacturers – especially companies who produces NEMA enclosures – are engineering & launching products that are designed specifically for use in mines. But because of severe, harsh environments for electronic products, there is an ongoing demand for well-designed, & quality enclosures. 

NEMACO specializes in enclosures that cater to the special needs of companies in mining industries. NEMACO produces products that are built to withstand harsh environments and we offer custom enclosure designs that cater to your needs. 

Submersible NEMA 6P Enclosures Defined 

A typical example of a submersible NEMA 6P enclosure would be a stainless steel box used for electronic controls in a power plant or an offshore facility. Also, Submersible NEMA 6P I used for any indoor/outdoor security systems that need more water resistance and protection. NEMA 6P Enclosures are typically are more expensive due to the stainless steel material cost and require skill craftsman for manufacturing. 

NEMACO offers submersible NEMA 6P enclosures manufactured from premium stainless steel box that is used to house electronic controls for a power plant or any offshore facility. In addition to this, NEMACO submersible NEMA 6P are used to protect security systems for any indoor/outdoor function that would require protection from alien materials, dust, and water.  

NEMA submersible enclosures offer these features: 

  • Industry Standard NEMA 6, 6P (IP67, IP68) Rated Enclosures 
  • Performance Rated Enclosures to 150 FT Submersion 
  • UL Compliance & Performance Testing services are available 
  • N6/N6P Enclosures Sizes from 4″x4″x4″ to 72″x48″x24″ 
  • Custom Electrical Conduit Hubs & Pipe Flanges available 
  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (grades 304 & 316) 
  • Powder coated, Light Weight & Strong Aluminum Alloys (5052, etc) 
  • Tough Marine Epoxy Coatings available for speciality applications 

NEMA 6 Application 

NEMA 6 enclosures are generally manufactured using the following materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass (FRP) and other non-corrosive, water-resistant raw materials. An exception to this, all NEMA 6 enclosures made from carbon steel requires an extra protective coating to avoid steel corrosion (rust.) This means that NEMA 6 carbon steel enclosures are used for temporary water rain and other liquids that don’t cause corrosion.  

These enclosures are generally used in applications that needed to protect equipment for temporary submersion in water with the exception of salt water, high-acid fluids, any oils or flammable liquid material. One example of its use is any work that requires any heavy wash down for cleaning or any temporary exposure to rainwater.  

Additional NEMA 6 Information 

Our NEMA 6 enclosures are available in carbon steel, 304 & 316 stainless steel and available with continuous hinges, mounting feet, stainless caster wheels and special fittings for any type of applications. NEMA 6 enclosures have a variety of sizes ranging from small wall mounts to single-door medium size floor mount styles. We are also offering a stainless steel passivation for companies who would like to have the extra feature. 

Materials for NEMA 6P Submersible Enclosures 

NEMA 6P enclosures are manufactured from 204/316 stainless steel for any use in industrial applications – in specific occasions, these enclosures are manufactured from plastic made for inexpensive electronics. Our submersible NEMA 6P enclosures are used for any type of application where there is a need for water submersion. If there is a need for any use of corrosive materials (salt water) and caustic where the application indicates the necessity the use of those, then the NEMA 6P stainless steel submersible enclosures would be a good fit for you. Majority of the industrial applications creates the need to use 304 and 316 stainless steels. For 316 stainless steel, these are commonly used in offshore platforms and naval applications. In addition to this, the customer should decide the specifications for certain applications (for temperature, seal resistance, depth submersion).   

We offer customisable NEMA 6P enclosures that will suit your needs. We are offering NEMA 6P enclosures of different sizes from small wall mounts to two-door floor mount models. Also, like in NEMA 6, we also offer passivation for more corrosion protection and this is available by request. 

Additional accessory: Stainless Steel Casters  

In addition to the more specifications that are requested for NEMA 6 AND 6P enclosures, NEMACO also offers stainless steel casters to enclosures for any applications that would need transportation of enclosures. Stainless steel casters are non-corrosive material so it is safe to use for NEMA 6 and 6P enclosures. 

Our 4″ & 5″ stainless caster wheels can hold weight up to 300 pounds per caster (1,200 pounds for 4 wheels) and these wheels can withstand any application that requires the exposure to corrosive materials and liquids. Despite its weight capacity, these casters are also ideal for the lightest duty applications where the enclosure should be totally immobile when the caster brake is applied.  

Stainless Steel Casters: Unique Brake Feature 

This stainless steel caster wheel has a unique brake feature that locks both wheel and the swivel bearing simultaneously. Our “Total-Lock” feature for our stainless caster wheels ensures that when the wheel is totally locked, the swivel caster is totally immobile and will not move. This fantastic combination of wheel brake and swivel lock is important for the safety of some specific applications. This accessory is only made by special request of the customer.  

Stainless caster wheel features: 

  • Swivel Construction – Stamped steel.  
  • Swivel has a double ball bearing.  
  • Gray Non-marking Soft Rubber  
  • Gray Polyurethane, Black/Gray Polyurethane  
  • Blue/Gray, Red/Gray and Orange/Gray Polyurethane Wheels have precision sealed ball bearings shielded by full thread guards.  
  • Polyolefin wheels do not have ball bearings in the wheel.