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Carbon and Stainless Steel Electronics Enclosure: Which One do You Choose?

Usually, the metal sheets that has the capability to resist corrosion has some very special protective layering that is effectively preventing the metallic structure from undergoing metal corrosion or oxidation reactions. However, with good stainless steel, the protection from corrosion comes from the chromium component of the metal. How does […]

What is the Best Plastic/Steel Material You Should Utilize When Creating Outdoor Network Enclosure?

There are different companies that are now offering different types of material for their outdoor enclosure needs. Each of the enclosures have their own set of distinguished and unique capabilities and strengths. It is also up to the companies to decide which application would fit their desired enclosure best. In […]

Which Enclosure Characteristics Should You Consider?

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If the IEC 60529 has set standards to establish the enclosures’ capability against harmful factors, the NEMA 250 Standard gives us with more protective characteristics and comprehensive guidelines of what these ratings mean. NEMA ratings is comprised of detailed standards that ranges from the very basic level protection against ingress […]

Pure and Pressurization for Electrical Enclosures Defined

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Purge and pressurisation in electrical enclosures enables the companies to house an electrical equipment in hazardous or extreme environments. In line with this, before control units will powered up the electrical equipment, there are flushes of hazardous gas and dust. These are usually coming from the motor housing, cabinet, or […]

Different Types of Custom Metal Enclosures for Electrical Equipments

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Any company who needs custom electrical enclosures for their equipments can be provided by any enclosure manufacturing company. They just have to be specific with the design that they want to achieve. This also includes the type of steel material they would like to have, such as – aluminum, stainless […]

File Formats You Can Use When Customizing Enclosures

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Because of increasing demand for the customization, companies have now started to release their quick quote tool. This enables the customers to actually have a rough customization of the enclosure they want to purchase before they can talk to a customer representative. It comes with different features and filters and […]

What is the Importance of UL94 Flammability Ratings on Electronics Enclosure – How Can Customers Benefit?

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I guess because of our weather today; more people are now starting to have a really sensitive skin – including me. Because of this, we need to be really careful on what kind of products should we start using on our body and faces. People should be really keen on […]