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When it is winter in my home town, the blizzard that sweeps through my town has been driving me really crazy. It’s so freezing and the fact that I cannot take my dog for a walk makes me sad. However, my 2 year old Labrador does not understand the complications of walking outside despite the low temperature.

I guess this is because he has a really thick fur coat, that’s why he does not understand the need to hibernate. With this in mind, I decided to invest in a good pari of thermal pants as well as the amazing cargo pants.

I only appreciated their benefits when I have gone home and started using them for our routinely morning walks. When I got home after our usual morning walk, both my dog and I are really soaked into water. However, I just noticed that my mobile phone (that was in my pocket the whole time) was entirely dry. Who knew that this is going to be the best solution for my dilemma.

I also have some people who kept on asking me for the majority of the time how they can make their enclosures water proof. While we have some cases that our enclosures are already waterproof, some of our enclosures are still not. The waterproof enclosures contain a gasket in their tracks that helps them to seal out the moisture.

Once the cover is installed don the base, the gasket started to flatten out – resulting to sealing the electronics inside. The primary reason is that the cover is now then molded inside the enclosure and it can be made to tailor fit the exact dimensions that will give the equipment the appropriate size that it needs.

Needless to say that there are fortunate customers who will tell the manufacturing companies that they have been able to waterproof their enclosures.