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Because of increasing demand for the customization, companies have now started to release their quick quote tool. This enables the customers to actually have a rough customization of the enclosure they want to purchase before they can talk to a customer representative. It comes with different features and filters and this helps the companies to speed up the process.

In self quotation, you can have your data within 90 seconds. It is that fast and it eliminates the potential hours spent talking to a customer agent. Once there is a quotation number, the customer can proceed to ordering or inquiring for customization.

However, there are times that the order will require a special customization such as having enclosures with cutouts. With this in mind, companies might require a file containing the detailed drawing specifications of the measurements and design of the enclosures specific to cutouts.

With this in mind, customers are having a hard time coming up with the right file format. In this article we will discuss the different accepted file formats for drawing files.

Please take note the following reminders:

In case of engineered drawing that comes with the appropriate sizing and location of the cutouts, refer to the file format table below. PDF is also acceptable as long as the proper X and Y access location are clearly defined.

In case there is a PCB sample that comes with the drawing, it should come with the connectors that will fit just right through the holes and the cutouts.

Typical CAD Program Files Table:

File Type File Extension
AutoCAD Interchange File .DXF
Assembly .ASM, .SLDASM
ProE Assembly .ASM, .ASM., .XAS
Inventory Assembly .IAM
AutoCAD Drawing .DWG
ProE Part .PRT, .PRT., XPR
Parasolid . X_T, .X_B, .XMT_TXT, .XMT_BIN
Lib Feat Part .LFP, .SLDLFP
Drawing .DRW, .SLDDRW
Solid Edge Assembly           .ASM
Catia Graphics .CRG
Inventor Part .IPT         
Solid Edge Part .PAR
Add-Ins .DLL
Rhino Files .3DM