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A customer from the company Sioux Falls once inquired about the proper torque specifications for the enclosure screws from a company as well as the right properties and sizes for the boss screws. The manufacturing company told this company that the specifications for torque greatly varies by product.

This description is not exactly helpful and informative but the manufacturing company is not hesitant to give the asking company an in-depth description for the product.

With this in mind, some manufacturing company sells enclosures that has brass inserts on them that can accommodate the use of a machine screw thread. These said brass inserts are working efficiently when the cover is removed for several times. Although for most electronic enclosures, the screws attached are directly screwed into the plastic. With this being said, these enclosures are suing a high-low style of thread. This is specifically designed to accommodate low-density materials for enclosures such as plastic.

In addition to this, there are several known benefits for having traditional thread forming screw. These are:

  • Decrease the drive torque
  • Increase the thread resistance in case of stripping
  • Improved pullout strength
  • Decrease the potential risk for enclosure cracking

The hi-low threaded screw functions as a thread of a forming screw that is opposite of a thread cutting screw. This thread thus forms screws that are greatly superior compared to thread cutting screws. These are used for some plastic applications due to the fact that this type of screw has a pitch attached to the thread. This now gives the plastic material a designated place to flow in between the several threads that greatly increases the stripping performance and the pullout.

How does this matter? A company needs and enclosure that is specifically designed for optimum performance in ensuring utilizing the best efficiency for the enclosure. Once the incorrect screw is used it can lead to the damaging of the plastic. In case of doing over-torque, there is a potential to have the threads strip out from the screw towers or bosses. In case that it also has the head screw pulled through the plastic, this can also cause a faulty cosmetic defect. In worse case scenarios, it can have a functional defect. In conclusion, a company should inquire to the manufacturing company which is the proper torque to be used in making these plastic enclosures. Because using the wrong one can lead to several potential damages.